Teamwork is the key to a successful expedition.

Lead your guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return safely to basecamp.

To be successful, it is crucial that you assign each of the expert roles below to team members. Each role has two or more specialist functions. If you have more than 4 people in a team, 2 people can share one role taking a specialist function each. This is a challenging activity, but it is achievable when approached as a team. No one needs to know everything, the details, instead, rely on expert knowledge and teamwork to maximize their results.

Team Leader

Points System + News Feed

Client & Logistics Manager

Guides & Equipment + Guides on a Node

Interface Operator

Movement & Icefall + Camps

Weather Conditions Expert

Acclimatisation + Weather & Oxygen

“Balancing Collectivism and Individualism. We have to rely on those with specialist knowledge and together make decisions based on the risk and if the risk is too great, we have to turn around. ”